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Experience Silver Springs clear kayak tours with possible sightings of manatees, wild monkeys and so much more. Silver Springs’s crystal clear water and our clear kayaks make for an unbelievable wildlife adventure. Kayaking Florida offers 2-hour tours on the beautiful Silver River, one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. We offer clear tandem kayaks, and (non-clear) solo kayaks for this tour. Discount for kids 10 & under. The wildlife is wild, and there is no guarantee to see it, however, there are resident manatees and wild monkeys that live in the beautiful Florida Treasure.

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Silver Springs Clear Kayak Tours
Silver Springs Clear Kayak Tours

Duration 2 hours.

Tour times are 9:30, and 12:30 These tours leave on time. Discount for kids 10 & under
The maximum weight capacity for these tandem ( 2 people ) clear kayaks is 425 pounds No single person can weigh more than 250. These kayaks will not float you if you exceed the weight limit. We also offer paddle boards and solo (non-clear) kayaks for this adventure. If someone in your group does not fit the weight capacity, no worries. We offer an option for non-clear solo sit-on-top kayaks with a weight capacity of 300 pounds and non-clear sit-on-top tandem kayaks with a weight capacity of 500 pounds. Due to the safety of our guests, we do not allow pets of any kind on our kayaks, this includes service dogs.

Please read carefully Clear Kayaks

The clear kayaks are tandem kayaks. If you have an odd number in your group, they will be paired with the guide, or if a kayak is available, the seats will move and they will ride solo. Kids under 18 must ride with an adult.

No shoes can be worn inside the clear kayaks due to the scratches they cause. We will have a dry bag to store your shoes while in the kayak. Your feet will get wet entering and exiting the kayak. The spring is 72 degrees year round and the water feels warm in the winter cold days. If you don’t want to get your feet wet, this kayak tour may not be for you. No metal objects, bags, dry bags, or back packs. No sunblock or bug spray. You do not need bug spray. There are no bugs here on the water. If you apply sunblock before the tour, please do not us the spray. It contains chemicals that eat the plastic as well as bug spray that damages the finish and clarity of the kayaks. It can not be removed or buffed out. We have these rules in place to assure that our crystal clear kayak will stay that way for all to enjoy.

Items you may bring on the kayak. – towels, phone or camera, and bottled water, that’s it. Anything else you will be asked to put back in your car.

What to bring after your tour. – A change of clothes in case your butt gets wet.

Silver Springs Kayaking
Manatees of Silver Springs
A Clear Choice!

No kids under 4 years old for this public tour. We offer private tours for groups, organizations and families that would prefer private tour. We do require a minimum of 6 people for all private tours. Please call or text us at 407-205-3631 for more information for private tours.

Silver Springs is one of the few places in Florida that Rhesus Macaque monkeys live wild along the shore line. These monkeys were introduced by a concessionaire to highlight his very popular jungle cruise back in the mid 1930’s. They were put on an Island named Cypress Island, and the concessionaire was going to call it Monkey Island. What he did not know is the monkeys were excellent swimmers, and quickly swam away. They can now be seen throughout the park, and the Ocklawaha river basin.

Silver Springs Monkeys
Silver Springs State Park Monkeys

Our tours are beginner & family friendly. We offer full instruction for beginners and our guides are true professionals that will stay close until you get the hang of your new found adventure. There is always so many critters to see, and we guarantee we will put big smiles on everyone’s face’s, especially the little ones

About this clear kayak tour – This tour will touch base on the amazing history and wildlife of Silver Springs. Famous people, movies and the theme park, which was Florida’s first tourist attraction that started it all. You will see the glass bottom boats in action as well as old movie relics and sunken artifacts and boats along the way. Possible wildlife sighting of manatees, turtles, fish, epic water birds, wild monkeys and more.

Silver Springs is a kayaking Florida paradise and amazing treasure. So what in the world are you waiting for. Join us on one of our Silver Springs clear kayak tours and have the best and wildest tour in Florida you will ever experience. Book your tour today!

Silver Springs Clear kayak Tours
Fun for the whole family!