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Kayaking Silver Springs is truly incredible! We offer kayak tours, and kayak rentals in Silver Springs State Park. Join us and rest assured that our service, quality equipment, attention to detail is second to none.

Silver Springs Kayak Rentals
Magnificent Manatees!

Manatee Tours! In the winter months November though February the manatees migrate to the springs to stay warm. The water temperature in the spring stays 72 degrees year round, so on the cold winter days there will be numerous manatees in the spring. Manatees can not survive very long in waters colder than 68 degrees. During the spring and summer, there are resident manatees that live here. Getting out in the water early is always better to see tons of wildlife.

Silver Springs Kayak Tours
Silver Springs Kayaking

Abundant Florida wildlife can all be seen here, including possible sightings of manatees, magnificent marsh birds, alligators and wild rhesus macaque Monkeys. Silver Springs famous history includes Tarzan and several Hollywood movies that were filmed here. Silver Springs State Park is located at 5656 E Silver Springs Blvd. Silver Springs Fl. 34488

It’s a Wild Life!

Kayaking Silver Springs is like traveling back in time. There is so much history to be seen and learned here. Silver Springs became very popular after the civil war. The Silver Springs attraction began in the late 1870’s and was the first tourist attraction in Florida. The Florida state park system took over the attraction in 2013. In 1971 the river was designated a natural national landmark. The park is over 5000 acres with an improved and widen kayaking launch , several hiking trails and bicycling areas as well as equestrian trails and a museum. Camping is by reservation only.

The raw beauty of the Silver River is unlike any other in Florida, and what better way to experience it, than with a kayaking tour. Wildlife is at almost every turn, and old props from attractions dating back to the 1930,s are still standing along the beautiful Kings Trail which harbors a replica of Fort King, named after Colonel William King, commander Florida’s fourth infantry and the first governor of the provisional West Florida region. The original Fort King located just a few miles down the road, was eventually turned into the court house for Ocala. A town was born!

Silver Springs Clear Kayaking, Manatee Tours
Silver Springs Kayaking with Manatees!

The mammoth spring of Silver Springs is a first magnitude spring, which means that it pumps out a minimum of one hundred cubic feet per second. The springs water shed is roughly 1,700.square miles, or about 1 million acres. Silver Springs is the largest spring formation in the world, capable of pumping 500 million gallons of water a day. Hollywood movies and series relics can be seen throughout our kayak tours and kayak rental route.

These are just a few of the fun facts that our kayaking tour touches base on. So come on, sit back and enjoy the natural wonder of Silver Springs with an amazing kayak tour or rental.

Silver Springs Kayak Rentals

The Monkeys of Silver Springs

Kayaking Silver Springs with Monkeys!
Monkey Business!

Silver Springs is one of the few places in Florida that Rhesus Macaque monkeys live wild along the shore line. These monkeys were introduced by a concessioner to highlight his very popular jungle cruise back in the mid 1930’s. They were put on a Island named Cypress Island, and the concessioner was going to call it monkey Island. What he did not know is the monkeys were excellent swimmers, and quickly swam away. They can now be seen throughout the park, and the Ocklawaha river basin.

Bring the  Family
Family Fun!

Bring the Family

Our tours are beginner & family friendly. We offer full instruction for beginners and our guides are true professionals that will stay close until you get the hang of your new found adventure. Kids 4 years or older are welcome on our public tours and kids under 4 are welcome on our private tours. There is always so many critters to see, and we guarantee we will put big smiles on everyone’s face’s, especially the little ones.

Silver Springs Manatees

Silver Springs Manatee Tours!
Silver Springs Manatee

Fun facts!

Nickname sea cow for obvious reason.

◦ The manatees closest living relative is the elephant. Fossil records date the manatee back 45-50 million years.

◦ The word manatee came from a Caribbean word Manati meaning breast.

◦ Fossils show that they were amphibious creatures, with for legs about the size of a pig. Researchers say it looked like a cross between a hippo and a otter.

◦ The average length of the Fl manatee is 9-11.5 ft. The average weight is 450-1200 pounds.

◦ The average life span is 30 years according to the FWC

◦ Manatees are herbivores. They eat about 60 different plants. They can consume up to 10-15% of their body weight daily and in order to accomplish this they graze about 7 hours a day.

Want to learn more about the Florida manatees? Visit our Kayaking Silver Springs Wildlife Page
Silver Springs Kayaking with Manatees


Read their reviews below and get inspired to embark on your own adventure in Silver Springs Florida.

Dwayne MorathDwayne Morath
02:20 23 Mar 23
We had a wonderful time. Roger was an exceptional guide he treated everyone well and lead us patiently around. He even sent us pictures and videos he took.
jeff seideljeff seidel
23:58 12 Jul 22
One of the best kayak trips ever. Easy check in and launch. Crystal clear water with unbelievable scenery. Route was for experienced kayakers or beginners. Turtles, alligators, manatees and monkeys can be seen. Just plain awesome!
23:32 19 Jun 22
Absolutely beautiful! We kayaked from the boat launch paddled up to the park a little over 5 miles, went around the loop and back. We saw turtles, manatees, alligators and many fish. I would highly recommend silver springs to anyone who kayaks.
Lourdes CrespoLourdes Crespo
23:47 15 May 22
It was our first time there. It was very peaceful. Everyone was so nice. We will go back again. We didn't see the monkeys this time. Maybe the next time. We enjoyed ourselves. It was 4 miles down the springs. But you can pay extra and they will drive you back to the parking lot.
McKinna SilerMcKinna Siler
20:00 06 Mar 22
Wildlife here is booming. Great for a nature photographer. Gators, monkeys, manatees, ALL kinds of birds, and some beautiful fish that you can see straight through the crystal clear water. Been coming here for 6 years and it never fails to impress.

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